Acute thrombosis of a hemodialysis shunt - Color Ultrasound


Title: Color Ultrasound - Acute thrombosis of a hemodialysis shunt
Diagnosis: Acute thrombosis of a hemodialysis shunt
Hospital: HUG
Department: Radiologie
Date: 21.03.2003
: 4244
Chapter: Peripheral

Clinical Presentation: Continuous reduction of arterial blood volumepresented for
Comment: Acute thrombosis is defined as total occlusion of thefistula while
chronic occlusion involve a partial venous occlusionwith the development ofcollateral
veins and which often leads toimpaired fistulous function.
Description: Presence of an arteriovenous shunt in the crook of theright arm. The
afferent artery and proximal anastomosis is normal.The venous portion of the fistula is
dilated filled with thrombusand no significant flow is noted on CDFI. The venous wall
isbroadened due to massive fibrosis and hyperplasia of theintima.

Order: 1004
Dislocation: 0
Polytrauma: 0
Open: 0
Pathologic: 0
Operation: 00.00.00
Graft: 0

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