Normal liver transplant - Color Ultrasound


Title: Color Ultrasound - Normal liver transplant
Diagnosis: Normal liver transplant
Author: Dr.ROSSET Antoine
Comment: Dr. KHAN Haleem
Hospital: HUG
Department: Radiologie
State: Terminée
Date: 21.03.2003
: 4278
Chapter: Liver & Spleen

Clinical Presentation: Routine work-up of livertransplant
Comment: Second to primary organ dysfunction, vascularcomplications are the
most frequent cause of graft loss. Thrombosisof the hepatic artery is the most common and
most serious vascularcomplication, with a reported incidence from 4 to 42%. Bile
ductsludge, leaks and strictures are frequent complications after livertransplantation,
which can contribute to graft dysfunction. CDFI isroutinely used in the postoperative
evaluation of patients withliver transplantation. CT, MRI, and angiography are
complementaryand second line modalities.
Description: The US study was normal with homogenous parenchyma andno
biliary tract dilatation. The Doppler study confirmed thepatency of all the vessels including
the portal vein and itsbranches the hepatic veins and the inferior vena cava. The
hepaticartery and its branches presented a normal waveform with normalflow velocities
and a resistive index (RI) of 0.66.

Order: 1038
Dislocation: 0
Polytrauma: 0
Open: 0
Pathologic: 0
Operation: 00.00.00
Graft: 0

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