Normal renal graft - Color Ultrasound


Title: Color Ultrasound - Normal renal graft
Diagnosis: Normal renal graft
Author: Dr.ROSSET Antoine
Comment: Dr. KHAN Haleem
Hospital: HUG
Department: Radiologie
State: Terminée
Date: 21.03.2003
: 4283
Chapter: Urology

Clinical Presentation: Routine check-up.
Comment: In renal transplants, four major groups ofcomplications are present :
infections, followed by acuterejection, acute tubular necrosis and surgery
derivedcomplications. Color Doppler US is an essential technique in thestudy of renal
grafts, being specially accuarate in diagnosis ofsurgery derived complications (vascular
stenosis and thrombosis,urinary fistulae, hematomas, lymphoceles)
Description: US shows a renal graft situated in the left iliacfossa. The graft
presents with a normal corticomedullarydifferentiation and the urinary cavities are not
dilated. No fluidcollection is present around the graft nor in the pelvis. Dopplerreveal
normal resistive indices (RI<0.8) and the parenchymalperfusion with the Power Doppler
mode is excellent(it is best withhigh doppler frequencies as shown in this case 7Mhz vs
4Mhz). Thearterial and venous anastomosis are patent (notshown).

Order: 1043
Dislocation: 0
Polytrauma: 0
Open: 0
Pathologic: 0
Operation: 00.00.00
Graft: 0

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