Portal Cavernoma - Color Ultrasound


Title: Color Ultrasound - Portal Cavernoma
Diagnosis: Portal Cavernoma
Author: Dr.ROSSET Antoine
Comment: Dr. KHAN Haleem
Hospital: HUG
Department: Radiologie
State: Terminée
Date: 21.03.2003
: 4290
Chapter: Liver & Spleen

Clinical Presentation: Abdominal pain. No past medicalhistory.
Comment: The etiology of the portal vein and mesenteric veinthrombosis was
unkown in the case presented. Cavernoustransformation of portal vein is commonly seen
Description: Numerous wormlike vessels are present in the hepatichilum as well in
the pancreatico-duodenal region. Color Dopplerconfirms their vascular nature. These
correspond to a cavernoustransformation of the portal vein secondary to a long
standingthrombosis(>12 months). In the present case the thrombosis ofthe portal vein
extended to the superior mesenteric vein. The CTcorrelation was excellent.

Order: 1050
Dislocation: 0
Polytrauma: 0
Open: 0
Pathologic: 0
Operation: 00.00.00
Graft: 0

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