Antero-superior scape shoulder prosthesis


84 years old woman, severily handicapped by Parkinson disease and multilacunar infarcts. Not able to walk. She shows claw hands due to neurological disease. 2002 she suffered a 4-part fracture on her right proximal humerus. She had a cemented shoulder replacement in a terrific anteverssion. Since 2003, she had a transient bump on the anterior part of her shoulder. Lately, this bump was tearing the skin, with spontaneous bleeding... WHAT TO DO?

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  • 17 Mar 2009 12:16

    Dr.Rapariz,me parece muy interesante este caso; podría añadir más información sobre cómo quedo definitivamente esta paciente y que movilidad tiene en el hombro, por favor?. Tiene alguna imagen más? Muchas gracias.