L. .town Girl


19 years old  girl, in the L. town   locality

The patients show  fevers, malaise, lymphadenopathy
Symptoms persist for   two weeks
 then the specialist  sent the patient to a laboratory for the routine 

All -toxo  rubeo-CMV-E/B-IM- tests    wan negative 
chemical (BUN, Crea, alcaline phosphatasis, ast,alt etc ) was normal
Not elevated transaminases occur
The cell coulter  reveal the atypical cells   presence 
with normal range of amount of each cell type

RX evaluation was negative

The patient  has been sent for a infectivological and haematological check


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Case Comments:

  • 26 Dec 2010 03:47

    showing most of the atypical cells suggestive of infectious mononucleosis. the status of heterophil count can be checked to rule out.