My Personal meeting with Malaria , in Tshimbulu a new strain ?


 In Thsimbulu, Western Kasai, rural area of Democratic Republic of Congo,  


Women , 58 year old - Health worker, instructor and medical doctor

Tshimbulu, Wetern Kasai , rural area of Democratic Republic of Congo    St François Hospital

 1-day    Onset  : nigth, sympton of  tonsillitis , pain,-sore throat  -shivering and feeling cold with pain in the extremities' of the feet-general malaise 

Within a few hours- high fever -confusion, numbness and partial loss of consciousness

 2 day   -  For 24 hours confusion and detachment from reality '

pain in the extremities' (feet) and the onset of an acute case of tonsillitis, with plates and pus

mild headaches 

profuse sweating

no diarrhea
no jaundice

It is done the tick test, and is positive for malaria

Is diagnosed by the presence of falciparum + + +  (Main strain present in the area)

3 day : It start treatment with quinine

4 and 5  day  : The next two days still confusion and partial loss of consciousness

After three day with therapy ,  resolution, decrease of fever, slow return to health

Still in Tshimbulu

but ......after  5 days from the end of therapy....

THE SECOND ATTACK  ( onset october, 15 )

symptoms, already 'known,  returns !!!

the first signal, a painful vasoconstriction in the extremities' of the feet

sore throat, chills,   within 3-4 hours back the violent fever

The friends of Hospital look  in Kananga ( the nearest town - 5 hr of road ...;)

for me artemisate,  and I had the  therapy with Coarthem

24 hr after, decrease of fever , return to health........

so, I went to Kinshasa, for waiting my fly  for Italy




October 29    In  Kinshasa , (waiting my fly for Europe - November 2  ) 

symptoms, already   well  known,  returns  , for the tird time !

the first signal, a painful vasoconstriction in the extremities' of the feet

sore throat, chills,   within 3-4 hours back the violent fever

 without possibility to go in Hospital, I do my diagnosis and I take Coartem (following the instructions )

in 24-48 hour decrease of fever and return to normality

Back at home, in Italy, Palermo..........November 2 




Saturday, November 10  in the   evening, 

during I was talking pleasantly and taking a drink with a friend......

the symptoms, at this point now familiar, return

with an abrupt onset, sudden   -with chills, feeling cold -and very sore throat

I  can not believe another attack of malaria, I come home and I go to bed

immediately, in the successive 4-5- hours the fever returns , with all symptoms already well known

I do not assume any therapy and Monday 'morning (November 12 )   in the lab, I do the test for malaria and for normal routine : 

normal transaminase
no signs of hepatic impairment

tick test positive + + + + +


in the thin smear .... the images are here,     I put all the pictures, even though many are not clear

The lab where I was staying, had very little availability 'of time and resources, so I did what I could

(in less of 20 minutes )


I hired a new therapy with coarthem, and after three days, the symptoms decreased and after a week after the onset, symptoms disappeared

Since then (hopefully for a long time yet) I have not had more new attacks

I still do not know how to give a proper diagnosis

Falciparum does not return

and the cells seem trophozoites of malaria oval

Could you give me your opinion ?



I forgot, all images  are taken with a mobile phone, with my method


Thanks !




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