Stoma Case of Eve

Eva is Ugandan child of five years. Eva’s mother has five children all girls and Eva is the 2nd to
last born. The eldest child is 15 years of age and the last born is 3 years. The children come from two fathers.

All the last four children have the same father but their father abandoned their mother because
she only produces girls and married another woman in the neighboring community so that he
could have boys!

Eva is HIV negative but her mother is HIV positive and has been on ART treatment since July
2012. She receives her medication from Bukuya Health center III. Eva’s mother currently stays at her late father’s family plot struggling for it with her other siblings.

Eva’s mother has no means of survival and she currently being supported by people of good heart to manage transport fares from the village to the hospital and also for the hospital expenses like food, etc.

Medical Condition:

Eva has been diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease. Her surgery is a complicated one. She needs multiple surgeries to reconstruct her lower gastrointestinal system. Many of the surgery centers in Kampala are unable to help because of the complications of the surgery.

Western surgical camps often visit Mulago hospital in Kampala but Eve was never selected as a candidate for surgery. Eve remains cheerful and active despite her condition.

Case Comments:

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